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Sense and Sensitivity

We all know about the necessity of sense and sensitivity but often there’s a gap between this awareness and our actual behavior in this area. This video is a talk by me at HELP on 1st Nov 12. Topic “Sense … Continue reading

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Self Awareness is the Key

Here’s my talk on Self Awareness. There is no key to awareness. The awareness is the key Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Sex and Sexuality

Sex is the very act that created us, Something that creates life is sure a big deal! Afterall in the world all actions spring from the basic sexual act. Paulo Coelho captures it beautifully in his novel Eleven Minutes, which … Continue reading

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Drinking, a social menace

Many might be startled with my topic and think I might be teetotaller so I write so. No, I do drink sometimes and I thoroughly enjoy it when I do. I dont get drunk, or mis behave. I don’t drink … Continue reading

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Everybody says I am Fine

What is the most common response almost like automaton when people ask u how are u? I am fine….well is it truly so or is it merely out of convenience. Do we even know the truth for ourselves? Life and … Continue reading

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The Art of Getting Along with Others

No man is an island and it is well established that we are social creatures. We need to interact and transact with people in various capacities. That necessiates the art of getting along with others. In order to get along … Continue reading

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Tough Love: Discipline & Love Together

One often has to be cruel to be kind. In parenting often disciplining the child requires tough love, which means that although on the surface you are being very strict but it is for a higher cause, namely to teach … Continue reading

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Integrated Living-Discover Your Uniqueness,Find Meaning In Life

And also Achieve Personal Transformation….Here’s the videos: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Do share your feedback. Here’s one

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Living in Harmony

Here’s the video of my talk on “Living in Harmony” by adjusting our inner being to the world outside. It’s in 5 parts. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Would you like to share your thoughts? … Continue reading

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Therapy is Me Time

Daily living takes its toll on most people, there are chores to be done, errands to be run and things to be taken care of. Unless one is centred and focused on one’s inner being (the complex of thoughts-feelings-sensations and … Continue reading

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